By sending in the reservationform you agree  with the following terms and conditions of SCLSV Limousine Services;

  • If there are any changes in your flightnumber or date of arrival/departure you should notify SCLSV Limousine Services at once.
  • If for any reason you can’t  find our chauffeur you are obligated to contact SCLSV Limousine Services immediately at +31 615 577 577 . In case you don’t call us, we will fully charge a ‘no show’.
  • After arriving at the airport you switch on your mobile phone. Our chauffeur will sent you a sms to inform you where he will be waiting to meet you.
  • Our airport arrival service includes a 30 minutes waiting periode after your flight arrived according to the airport information services.
  • If the chauffeur has to wait longer, for any reason, we charge a minimum hourly rate of EUR 79,50      (depending on vehicle hired).
  • Within 48 hours before pick up your creditcard is charged with the total booking amount.
  • If this reservation is cancelled, following cancellation policy will apply:
    • Cancellation up to 48 hours before pick up: SCLSV charges EUR 79,50
    • Cancellation within 48 hours of pick up: SCLSV charges 100% of total booking amount
    • Cancellation is only valid when it has been confirmed in an email by SCLSV.

There will be no charges for normal changes in traveling details.