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Not just taking you from A to B

Obviously, you need to reach your destination on time. More importantly, you need to make good use of your valuable time. Your Personal Driving Assistant ensures that you are free from hassle, so you can be relaxed and well-prepared when you arrive. Your PDA accompanies you door to door, makes arrangements as needed, and provides any information or assistance you require.

All our limousines are fully equipped to serve as your own mobile office. You can plug in your laptop (220V) to continue working in our ergonomic chairs. Or you can use the quiet space to take a moment to think or relax, while enjoying the refreshments on offer. An iPad with full connectivity lets you keep up to date with the news from across the world.


Knowing where to go in style

Whether you want to go on a leisurely sightseeing tour or on a frantic shopping spree, our limousines take you where you wish to go in comfort and luxury. Travel in your own private space, at your own desired pace. But getting around is one thing, knowing where to go is another. This is where your Personal Driving Assistant is more than a driver. With extensive local knowledge, your PDA can help you discover the Netherlands in a way you otherwise wouldn’t.

Beautiful canals, historical locations, or the most expensive shopping streets, your PDA brings you there as your personal guide. What’s more, he takes care of arrangements for sight-seeing, tickets to performances, or a table at the best restaurant in town. Your PDA simply makes sure your trip is what you want it to be: special


Make your grand entrace

Whether it’s a gala, wedding, or a premiere, your Personal Driving Assistant provides the conditions for an unforgettable experience. On a special evening or important occasion, everything should go as planned. Your PDA is fully at your disposal, thinks ahead when possible, and will be waiting to take you wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go. If more people are involved, he takes care of the logistics so that everyone arrives exactly when they should. This lets you focus on what’s important: enjoying your evening.

To top it all off, all the comfort and luxury you desire along the way. Either with discretion and distinction, or with all the extravagance you wish for – champagne, caviar, the works. In any case, a limousine ride that puts people and their experience first. And of course, you’ll make your grand entrance completely in style.


Life is a journey….. Let us be your driver

When you’re on the road, we feel it’s important that you are comfortable, with a sense of luxury – not just because our limousines are equipped with everything you could want, but also because of the services provided by our Personal Driving Assistants. We equip our vehicles with the latest technology – such as an iPad for your personal use – to provide you with your own fully equiped mobile office or a personal space of leisure to be enjoyed, well stocked with refreshments.

We don’t just offer a comfortable ride, but also a PDA who is more than a chauffeur. With extensive local knowledge and experience, your PDA takes care of any arrangements that you might require. This takes the hassle out of business travel, or adds the touch that’s necessary to make a visit an unforgettable experience. Discretion, punctuality, and absolute professionalism speak for themselves. That’s why SCLSV limousine services is a preferred supplier for most 5-star hotels.